A Blog Experiment!

Welcome to our new patch focused blog! Since social media sites are slowly but surely turning themselves from communities into paid advertisement platforms, it begins to make sense to revert back to that staple of the pre-social media internet: The Blog. My goal here is to provide a platform for folks from the patch community to post stuff without the Zucc looking over their shoulders. The ecosystem of patch creators and sellers is rich and varied, and my hope is that this will be reflected in this patch blog as well!

I also plan to maintain a list of active patch sites that I’ve vetted and know to be trustworthy sources for embroidered memes. There have been several attempts to do this in the past, but it can’t hurt to get the links as much exposure as possible. Unfortunately due to the type of content that tends to make its way onto patches, search engines and social media algorithms tend to de-prioritize or outright shadow ban patch related sites and posts. Guns, liberty, lewd anime… these are things that Google, Facebook and their ilk don’t want you to see. It’s a sad state of affairs, but one we must deal with.

Personally, I run Badgerhound Supply Co, which sells a variety of patches and stickers. I work with a few very talented designers, and we try to focus on historical, heraldic, or humorous designs. Lots of aviation and firearm related stuff as well. I hope to have a pretty good stream of posts going on here!

Patch Blog Embroidered Patches
A few embroidered patches.

3 thoughts on “A Blog Experiment!”

  1. Sad to hear the state of affairs with a platform like Facebook, Twitter and what have you, since most of these patch sites I’ve found on Facebook myself.

    No matter, perhaps it’s better this way, away from sites like Facebook that controls what people can see and quite possibly even buy.

  2. Thank you for this patch seller list! I’ve posted it to reddit a few times and I hope that you don’t mind. /r/patches might have some new customers for you.

    Anyways, y’all are awesome and your site is fantastic. Thank you!


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